When Game of Thrones and Budweiser beer are teaming up for an ad aired at the Super Bowl

Beer brand well known to americans, Budweiser is setting the time on “Game of Thrones” for advertising tasty and effective broadcast during the Super Bowl. Images ! HBO Brand of beer well known to americans, Budweiser had decided to make advertising for its line of Bud Light during the Super Bowl. And, even if put the small dishes in the large, having regard to the hearing colossal event (when talking about 110 million viewers !), why not squarely be put at the time of the cult series Game of Thrones ? Here, the knight Bud Light (sic !) faces in joust in a tournament an opponent that you discover that at the end : it is nothing less than The Mountain, now colossus death-living embodied by the giant scandinavian Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. The latter is preparing him to do a finishing move worthy of Mortal Kombat, in this case the same as he had done to the unfortunate Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal). Until… Well, we’ll let you discover the cool images below.

Elsa Zylberstein will be Simone Veil in front of the camera of Olivier Dahan